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GUNNING Field Trials and Hunt Tests



Please make sure your answers are complete and thoroughly address the question.  You may answer in the space provided or attach additional sheets. 


  1. What is the best Load to use for a FT or HT?



2. What do you do, after shooting a bird?



3. What kind of gun can you use at a FT or HT? 



4. What do you do with your empty hulls?



5. Who is your ultimate ‘boss’ at a FT or HT? 



6. What is the best ‘carry’ when gunning at a FT or HT?



7. What is the best ‘carry’ for a non shooting position at a FT or HT?



8. As a Gun Captain, or a Gun, what should you do, before the trial in regards to the course?


9. You are the 4th gun, or Gallery Gun, you need to step in because one side is to far ahead, what do you do?


10. You are the Wing gun, what is your safe zone of fire and how is it advantageous to move ahead of the handler after the flush? 


11. Who do you talk to when gunning?


12. When do you load your gun?



13. (True or False), “The Gun shoots for the competitor or handler”



      14. (True or False), “Cross Shooting is never acceptable”



       15. What is “Court Vision”? 



      16.  Why should you shoot with both eyes open? 



17 From a shooting aspect, what is the basic goal and responsibility of a field trial gun? 


18.  Should the gunners attention be on the birds head or the barrel during a shot and                       why? 



19.  What are some general conditions for falls? 


20.  What options does a gun have for shooting weak birds? (Describe 2) 



21.  What type of gunners should shoot puppy stakes? 



22.  When and where is the proper shooting position for a newer gunner? 



23   Describe the concept of a Gun Team in regards to conflicts that may arise?


24. In regards to shooting the bird, what does this statement mean:  “at a point most advantageous to a fair trial of the dog’s abilities”


 25. When a situation falls into a gray area, what is the main point to be considered

Shooting Targets and Trials; a Comparison.



Why is gunning a Spaniel Field Trial so tough?  Here is a  quick comparison from someone who has participated in both activities for a long time.


Target shooting:

  1. Good target ranges have safety structurally designed to greatly reduce any possibility of an accident involving the firearm.

  2. NO ONE gets to walk down range. -

  3. There are specific stands with wooden or plastic restraints to control barrel movement.

  4. There is solid footing for the shooter.

  5. There is ZERO foot movement required by the shooter.

  6. Targets are always presented in the air or in case of rabbits in the open on the ground.

  7. There are NO DOGS in proximity of the target.

  8. The shooter does not have to work with a partner or team ever. It is an individual sport.  

  9. Targets are only presented when the shooter is ready. They just call pull, there is no interpretation of a dog and its behaviour while simultaneously watching the handler and the crowd.


Field trials for Spaniels:

  1. There is zero structural safety in a dog trial field.

  2. Anyone can walk down range, in multiple locations and the range in constantly moving. There are very often planters directly in the line of fire down range.

  3. There are no restrictions on barrel movement and NO stands.

  4. There is quite often uneven ground and footing is not solid.

  5. You are always moving your feet at a spaniel field trial.

  6. Birds can and do go anywhere, elevation, direction, etc.

  7. There is always a dog in proximity of the target.

  8. The gunners must operate as a team.

  9. You have to be able to read dogs, typically better than the nervous handler, to prepare for the shot and ensure everyone’s safety.

  10. Trials may be on public land where there is no control of the number of people present.

Our Gun Teams

Eastern slopes Spaniel association Spring 2022 Gun Team
Spring 2022 Gun Team spaniel field trial eastern slopes spaniel association ESSA
2023 Gun Team for Spaniel Field trial eastern slopes spaniel association ESSA  CPR grounds
Gun Team 2016 Spring CKC sporting spaniel field trial
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
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