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 Some Spaniel History

Eudore Chevrier First Spaniel Field Trial in Canada

Eudore Chevrier was born in Manitoba and was a keen dog breeder, at one time being the foremost breeder of English Springer spaniels in North America.


Known as the Father of North American Springers, Eudore Chevrier lived in Winnipeg Manitoba and was founder of the renowned Avondale Kennels importing hundreds of Springers from Great Britain. He was in the forefront of forming the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada (first Canadian Club) and the first Spaniel Field Trial in North America in September of 1922. Breeding thousands of Springers over forty years Eudore Chevrier was the founder of the modern era of Springer Spaniels in North America.

The first Field Trial for Spaniels ever held in America were held on September 30, 1922 near St. Agathe, Manitoba, Canada, some thirty miles south of Winnipeg

Springer Spaniels at Field & Stream Ducks Unlimited Monument

Conservation and Hunting 

This particular project near Bassano, Alberta was a major habitat project for Migratory birds and all wildlife.

1924: Ray P. Holland becomes editor-in-chief and forms the Field & Stream Conservation Council, which pushes for a national waterfowl refuge system funded by hunters through the purchase of duck stamps. In 1934, Congress passes the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, known as the Duck Stamp Act.

Springer and Cocker Spaniels have been an integral part of hunting and conservation for over 100 years in Canada.

FTCH Rivington Sam Springer Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel FTCH Rivington Dazzle
The Return From Hunting  F Wheatly
The Water Spaniel  J Reinagle
The Sporting Spaniel book CA Phillips

One of the first books published on the Sporting Spaniel.  The photos above were gleaned from its pages.

International  Gundog League  Sporting Spaniel Society circa 1899
Spaniels: Their Breaking for Sport and Field Trials circe 1910

This book republished in 1945 was referenced by the great Talbot Radcliffe of Saighton Kennels fame. 

From that reference it was acquired and it is an extremely worthwhile read.  

"Part I - Preliminary.  The suggestions contained int his book apply to the breaking of all land Spaniels, whether Springers, Cockers, Clumbers, Sussex or Field Spaniels, and of Water Spaniels when used for work on land."

1962 British National Open Champion Markdown Muffin. 

Field Trial Champion Markdown Muffin   British National Champion
English Springer Spaniel Puppy retrieving Hungarian Partridge

The Proof in the Pudding. 

All of those competitions and all the breeding and training are evident in today's Spaniels.

A 6 month old puppy that can trace its pedigree back to Rivington Sam (noted above) was set out on a wounded bird.  The pup did not see the fall, nor was she ever introduced to Hungarian Partridge before this encounter. She immediately tracked the wounded bird in a down cross wind for sixty yards and retrieved it to hand.

English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
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